The Lord Is My Provider | Esther Chin

MCO has been extended to 12th May with the likelihood of an even further extension. It is truly a difficult period for many.

Throughout the past five weeks, I have experienced blessings aplenty and would like to take this opportunity to share to glorify our Lord, my Provider. Since February CNY I had to survive with less than RM2000. To my joy, I have been blessed with:

· February rental paid for;

· Another love gift that covered rental and bills;

· RM500 contribution from my kids;

· Some income from supplying butter cakes to a nearby sundry shop;

· RM200 and groceries from a neighbour;

· Fresh fish, oil, canned food, from other neighbours;

· RM100 & RM300 love gifts from two sisters-in-Christ;

· Rice and shampoo from Lazada delivered to my guardhouse.

Apart from the above, He has shown me how near and real He is. He has reminded me of His unfailing love by meeting my needs. He has taught me not to complain but to be grateful. Oddly, MCO has served to reset my priorities and also revived my first love for Him.

May my testimony encourage you too to trust the Lord to bless you in even unexpected ways; and to enjoy His presence at home just like a holiday with Him alone. In every circumstance, thank Him for family, good health, and what He has in store. Be blessed! Jeremiah 29:11.