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Providing affordable dialysis treatments to the needy
Established in 1997, NKF-CHARIS Dialysis Centre, in partnership with the National Kidney Foundation of Malaysia (NKF), provides haemodialysis treatments to end-stage renal failure patients from the lower income group. This facility enables these patients to obtain dialysis treatments which, due to the high cost, is often out of reach for such individuals.

Currently, 105 patients receive regular dialysis treatments at NKF-CHARIS Dialysis Centre. A qualified staff nurse leads a team of 14 permanent employees to ensure all treatments are conducted professionally. NKF-CHARIS Dialysis Centre also provides counselling and other related services to cater to the emotional well-being of the patients and their families. Additional care and support for dialysis patients is provided regularly by volunteers from Charis Christian Centre, who plan and assist in organising various activities.

“A Heart For God, A Hand For Man.”

Charis Christian Centre is committed to God’s call and believes that the Spirit of the Lord is on us,
because He has anointed us to preach good news to the poor.