Senior Pastor’s Devotional
18 July 2020 | Recovery Movement Control Order – “Strategic Psalm 91 Watch”

“For in him we live and move and have our being…….”
Acts 17:28

Richard Innes shared on, “Three of life’s greatest abilities are dependability, responsibility, and availability.”

These abilities are very important as it will add value to your life as well as to others. You will be a blessing as you aspire to live this out.

Can people count on you without having to always check on you? When we make a commitment, will we fulfill it without making silly excuses? Will we say “Yes” to others – not just out of obligation but out of a willing heart? To be a person that others can count or depended on is truly a blessing.

Will I act responsibly in every area of my life – whether it be my finances; what is required of me as an employee; a citizen or even as a family member? We sometimes here of ‘irresponsible people’ in our society that is the cause of dirty public toilets and even the possible cause for the spread of diseases. If only we have more responsible road users – so we say.

I am responsible for my present as well as my past and I should not blame it upon people and circumstances. Richard quoted – “I may have been a victim in the past, but if I remain a victim, I am now a willing volunteer.” It is not surprising that some may have a tendency to blame others – just like how Adam blamed Eve for his failure.

If I have all the gift and abilities but I am self centered and unwilling to share it or lend a helping hand to others who need it, then I am sorry to say that it is wasted talent – a wasted life. Food for thought – you have availed your talents to make money for your company (which the bible says are all temporary) why not use it for the Kingdom of God which is eternal? This will bring us back to whether we are being dependable and responsible!

Remember – it is in HIM, that we live and move and have our being!

Rev Lawrence Yap.