One Another
Session 1: God is ‘One Another’

by Pastor Carmen

Genesis 1:26a (ESV)
Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness. And let them have dominion…”

The concept of ‘One Another’ originated from our TRIUNE God, the TRINITY – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God is inherently relational. That is also why it is saidGOD is LOVEGod is not just possessing or expressing love. He exists as Love.  

Interestingly, in this same verse, God referred to “man” as “them”. Collectively as “one another”, we bear the image of God. 

The Relationship of our Triune God: 

  1. Their ONENESS in Diversity – Matthew 3:16-17 
  2. Their Mutual INTERDEPENDENCY – John 14:26 
  3. Their Divine EQUALITY – John 5:18-19 

What can we learn from this Father, Son and Holy Spirit relationship? 

  1. Their oneness. Just as we are also one in Christ. We are to be in one accord, like-mindedone in thought, one in feeling, one in purpose, in goal and in our mission in Christ. 
  2. The 3 Persons of the Trinity are “interdependent. Just as we are parts of the Body of Christ, we are interdependent of each otherwhen one part suffers all suffer, and when one part rejoices all rejoice. 
  3. They are equal yet submit to one another in function. We too, are equal in Christ and there must not occur any skin, colour, gender, age nor status divide. We must learn to respect and submit to one another in our distinct roles and responsibilities.