My Testimony | Sis Joyce Sarangapany

I like to take this opportunity to share my testimony to give GOD GLORY AND PRAISE. This happened during the months of MCO. A devastating situation happened in my family concerning my grandson, Joshua, who is an autistic child. Joshua stays with my daughter-in-law who is deaf and mute. My son stays separately from the family. He will however visit them on weekends without fail.

Joshua by nature is an obedient, calm and intelligent boy. Ever since the MCO began in March 2020, Joshua was unable to go to school, piano class, church or outings. He stayed home most of the time. In due time, he started showing anger towards his mother through physical outbursts. This continued for nearly a year plus. As a grandmother, my heart was grieved and disturbed. l would pray on my knee with my face on the floor, asking God to heal Joshua and to help my daughter-in-law who stays all alone with Joshua. Day and night this continued. I would fast and pray. Remembering and meditating on the promises of GOD. I would call pastors, brothers and sisters from the church to pray for Joshua. We were advised to send Joshua for child psychiatric help, but Joshua’s parents refused.

Joshua’s parents tried different ways and means to help their son but to no avail. Joshua’s temperament got worse and he began acting weirdly. Due to Joshua’s physical outbursts that caused injuries on the mother, Joshua’s father who lives separately from his family stepped into the picture. However, not knowing how to handle the situations at hand caused Joshua’s father to slip into depression for about 2 months.  Family members including myself were not allowed to visit Joshua during this time. l went into a terrible depression, my chest would hurt as if there was a dagger in my heart. My tears will flow freely each time I pray or think of Joshua. But it is during this time, where God gave me an impression that His deliverance is on its way.

One day, Joshua became so troubled that he cried out and started banging on his room doors. Neighbors were not happy and complained to his father. A miracle happened! My son went over to his wife’s place and took Joshua back to his place. Joshua happily followed his father, and slept so peacefully that night. This was a miracle as my son had never wanted to care for Joshua. I couldn’t believe how God was turning things around! The Holy Spirit also prompted me to reach out to my niece (who also has an autistic child) to guide my son in caring for Joshua. Through my niece, my son made a doctor’s appointment to have Joshua assessed. This was another breakthrough where my son willingly consulted a Specialist and my niece. The Specialist’s assessment of Joshua: he does not need any medication! Joshua was trying to tell us something and we need to understand his needs, especially now that he is a teenager. Hallelujah!

My prayers were answered! Joshua is delivered from trauma and his mother is free from pain. God delivered me from my hurt and worries. I will still continue to pray for the salvation of the family. HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD! His promises are true: Call unto Me! Trust Me! Hold onto Me alone!

I am now fully convinced that God listens to the prayers of a broken and contrite heart.

I take this opportunity also to thank Pastor Laura, Sis Mary Ong and Bro John Tan, who were always there to hear my cries and supported me with prayers. To God be the glory!