Unworthy Yet Loved | Peter Chong

I’m Peter. After being a Christian for many years, one day I backslided and left the church. I knew I had committed terrible sins, but my repentance was rejected by the people around me and that brought a lot of pain and hatred. So I decided to end my life. I went to the top of a tall building to take my life. As I looked down and was ready to jump, I realised then that I was too afraid, so I went back to my room instead.  

I felt unworthy to come before God, but I still poured out the pain in my heart to Him. I suddenly felt a cold breeze blowing at me and heard the footsteps of God walking towards me. I felt unworthy of seeing Him, so I tried to avoid Him but He took me, kissed my forehead and said to me, “Stretch out your hand”. I then felt Him putting a ring on my finger, a robe on me and putting on shoes with the preparation of the gospel of peace. He said to me, “You are my child. I love you.” Tears flowed down my cheeks as I was deeply touched by God. My heart was filled with His love and grace.  

The Holy Spirit helped me to understand that God has already forgiven me and His Grace is a gift that has been given to me freely. From this, I received the strength to repent from my sins and also learnt to be accountable to the consequences that resulted from my actions. The unconditional love of the Father, the unending grace and forgiveness of Christ, along with the convicting power from the Holy Spirit that brought me to repentance is so real to me. May we all experience the love of God and build a healthy and beautiful relationship with Him at this crucial time.