My Help To Return Home | Liew Khai Foong 

After sending my girlfriend to work in Singapore, I headed to the bus terminal about 9.00a.m. in hope to return to Kuala Lumpur. As all the buses from Singapore terminal were not going to the Johor Bahru custom, I decided to walk there instead. In my heart, I kept praying by faith that God will help me to return home safely.

After arriving at the JB custom, the police officer informed me and others to get a doctor’s health verification to pass through. I did not have enough Singapore Dollar, neither did I have a Singapore SIM card to contact anyone to help, so I borrowed internet connection and money from someone who was also stranded like me. We went to a nearby clinic and waited for a long time. Finally, we received our verification letters at approximately 4.30pm.

It was raining when I finally got through the JB custom. I also helped others to take their luggage under the rain and I was soaking wet. The police at the JB custom told us that we are required to register ourselves at a police station for interstate traveling. Upon arrival at the police station, the police officer told us we were allowed to use the Malaysia Custom’s letter to verify ourselves. We were then released and finally headed toward the JB bus terminal.

Shortly, I received a call that all the bus trips from JB to KL were cancelled. I broke down. The Grab driver who was with us throughout the day has agreed to fetch us back to KL with only RM500, but due to movement restrictions we were unable to travel by car. We resolved to stay overnight at JB and to find another way in the morning. While on the way to a nearby hotel, I received another call saying that there is one last bus heading back to KL at 10pm! We were overjoyed and I kept thanking the Lord.

In the end, we did not even need to book a hotel accommodation at JB. The Grab driver offered us a free ride to our bus, and there were only 3 of us with the bus driver throughout the entire bus ride. We arrived at the bus station at 8.30pm, and the bus departed to KL earlier than scheduled at 8.50pm. Finally, I arrived home the same night. To God be the glory!