His Faithfulness

Our Testimony during MCO

My husband, BW and I would like to thank all of you for your support in purchasing our fishes.

When the Government implemented the Movement Control Order (MCO) to cordon sanitaire as a preventive measure throughout the country, BW was very worried about his over 1,000 live fishes.

This has filled him with fear, as he may need to cover his losses & to reimburse his suppliers. It was a huge challenge for him.

We were then encouraged to distribute the fishes to brothers and sisters of CCC. We arranged 3 trips to Cheras within the first 11 days of MCO.

Despite 30% of our fishes died in our shop, we managed to sell off 70% of our fishes.

BW’s fish pool is now empty. What a Miracle!

This miracle has literally lifted BW’s burdens. Lately, we have been receiving numerous calls & continuous orders for fishes (Seremban & KL).

It is unbelievable. Our suppliers were surprised and questioned us how could this be happening when everybody’s fishes are still in their pond and there is no demand nor feasible ways to get rid of them, but here we are still ordering fishes from them.

This entire episode is a testimony to our suppliers who are non-believers, as they are able to see and believe that God is real, alive and faithful even during tough times. It is definitely God’s favour upon us. We believe that when God grants us His favour, nothing can stop the blessing He has in store for us.

Both BW and myself, would like to thank God for His faithfulness and blessings in times of pestilence. God is the Master who turns our burdens into blessings. To Him, nothing is impossible!

FYI, we will continue to supply fishes to KL until the lockdown period is lifted, or as long as there is still demand.