Senior Pastor’s Devotional
Day 44 Movement Control Order – “Strategic Psalm 91 Watch”


Most of us may confess that when things are ‘going our way’ we will feel a lot happier. But have you ever stopped to consider how few of the circumstances of life are really under our control? The person whose happiness is dependent on ideal circumstances is going to be disappointed.

In this passage, Paul’s attitude teaches us how to look at circumstances in the proper perspective so that our joy would be maintained.

Paul gave thanks for 3 things which he was facing.

1. He gave thanks for his Chains. (1:12-14) 
The same God who used Moses’ wilderness, Joseph’s prison experience and Daniel with the lion can use Paul’s chains!

What were the positive effects of the ‘chain’ as Paul sees it in verse 13, 14?• the palace guard were exposed to the gospel. This is something that Paul could not have done if not for his imprisonment.

• Paul’s faith and determination gave fresh courage to the other believers in Rome to witness boldly for Christ. (v. 14)

What personal lesson can we learn from here?We must learn to look upon our circumstances as God given opportunities for other positive things that may be happening and you will rejoice at what God is doing instead of complaining about what God did not do.

2. He gave thanks for his Critics. (1:15-19).
There were people who were using the gospel to stir up further trouble for Paul. There were others who were sincere, preaching to save souls. The negative group could be those who were ‘legalists’ and opposed to ministry to the Gentiles and they purposely misuse ‘preaching’ to stir up trouble to cause the government to misunderstand Paul.

• Even as there were people who were his critics, Paul was still rejoicing. Why was it so?Because what matters to Paul was that Christ is preached and his personal reputation did not matter much to him

What personal lesson can you learn from here?

One of the lessons is that we have to learn not to take things personally. Sometimes circumstances have bothered us because our pride, ego, reputation was hurt.

3. He gave thanks for his Crisis. (1:20-26).
To the non believers, Christ may be just someone in history. But as the unsaved watches the believer go through a crisis, they can see Jesus is real.

• What was Paul’s attitude towards life and death?Towards life, Paul decided that he will continue to use it for the furtherance of the faith. Towards death, Paul takes it that it is going back to be with His Lord Jesus. It is what we call as ‘win-win’ situation.

• In verse 23, Paul chose the word “depart” instead of “death”. From this word, what do you think is Paul’s view of death?To Paul – life and death is all within the hand of God. It did not bother him.

With such perspectives, no wonder Paul can rejoice in all circumstances.

Ps Lawrence.