Senior Pastor’s Devotional
Day 20 Movement Control Order – “Strategic Psalm 91 Watch”

 “and forgive us our sins, just as we have forgiven those who have sinned against us.”

Our Prayer is not only about asking -it is also about searching our hearts and to be changed by Him.Our Prayer is not only about asking -it is also about searching our hearts and to be changed by Him.

Remember we still have our sinful nature to contend with.

When we talk about “sin” – it can be a generalized term. Some feels that we have no sin, since we have not committed any crimes etc.

The New Testament uses 5 different words for “sin.”

i. “Hamartia” – meaning ‘missing the target.’

To fail to hit the target was ‘hamartia.’ Therefore, sin is the failure to be what we might have been and could have been. 

– Failure to do the purposes of God; that which we ought to do. Many times, we only have GOOD INTENTIONS but never got to carry it out.
– Lukewarm – loss of first love are equivalent to ‘missing the target.’

ii. “Parabasis” means “stepping across.

Sin is the stepping across the line which is drawn between right and wrong. 

When believers get involve with corrupt practices; compromising our integrity; speaking lies or immoral activities – all of which are crossing the line.

iii. “Paraptoma” means “slipped into or fall into.

It is the kind of slip which a man might make on a slippery slope.We are tempted and we ‘slipped” and fall into a gambling habit in which we just came out from; or ‘slipped’ into porn. Beware that during this period of time, porn sites are actively bombarding internet users and we can be tempted because in the midst of anxieties and fears, porn tend to distract and give us a false comfort.

iv. “Anomia” means “lawlessness”. 

Anomia is the sin of the man who knows the right, and yet does the wrong; the sin of the man who knows the law and yet breaks the law. We confess we are believers but we conduct ourselves like non believers.

v. “Opheilema” means  fall short. 

We often “fall short of the glory of God.’ (Rom.3:23)In Revelation Chapter 3 – Jesus rebuked the church at Sardis – they had a “reputation of being alive but they are dead.” Wake up! – Jesus said.

Always remember – “spiritual activities is not spiritual intimacy.”

Ps Lawrence Yap.