Everything Happens For A Reason | Sis Joyce Sarangapany

My testimony is to say how great God is and how grateful I am. With all my heart I appreciate, thank and honour Him at this moment of lockdown. The LORD has been providing and protecting my family with love, peace and comfort during this period of time. Many things have changed in my family during this period. My daughters have learned to cook better and served better. We laugh and fellowship together among the family and siblings. Little ones had a complete break from the stressful life of school, traveling and homework. Now daughters have time for themselves to relax and to spend with their spouses. 

Most of all, we have taken TIME FOR FAMILY PRAYERS, reading the Bible, spending time and sharing with one another. Taking holy communion as a family has in fact brought so much of togetherness. Church group members have come to know each other better. God has done so much. Everything happens for a reason. Everything works for the better. We also have come to pray for people all over the world. HE IS GREAT. I thank HIM and praise HIM.