Senior Pastor’s Devotional
Day 2 Movement Restriction Order – “Strategic Psalm 91 Watch”

When we were told that under the “Restricted Movement Order” (RMO) we are supposed ‘to stay at home’, I am reminded of Exodus 12. The plague of God’s judgement upon Pharaoh and the Egyptians was coming and the people of God were told to slaughter a lamb. They were then instructed to use a hyssop to dip the blood and then put it on both sides of the door frame. Then the instruction was that “none of you shall go out of the door of your house….” Exodus 12:22b.

How do we ‘apply the blood’ in our context? When we have accepted Jesus, we are under His blood as it is His blood that cleanses our sins. Therefore, we declare His name – that Jesus is Lord over our household. We also declare His Words of Promises – like Psalm 91 where it is explicitly said, “he will save us from the fowler’s snare and from the deadly pestilence.” Psalm 91:2.

The Lord gave wisdom to our Medical experts to ask people to stay at home so as to “flatten the curve” – to delay the spreading so that it will not overwhelm the medical facilities and treatment and subsequently defeating it. It makes sense. By staying at home, you are least vulnerable to catch the virus as it is spread though people to people contact out there. Don’t let fear overcome you.

This ‘battle surely belongs to the Lord’ as no one has battled this before in our lifetime. But let us declare that ‘God will work all things together for the good of those who are called according to His divine purposes.’ (Romans 8:28).

So, let us ‘apply the blood and stay at home!’

Ps Lawrence.