Senior Pastor’s Devotional
Day 29 Movement Control Order – “Strategic Psalm 91 Watch”

1 SAMUEL 3:10-11

It is one thing to talk to God. It is another thing to listen and hear him talking to us.

Prayer is a 2 way communication. It is not about asking and asking alone. The Lord want to have communion with us. 

In our text today, Eli, the high priest was the one who was supposed to hear from God yet he had closed his ears and didn’t recognize God speaking. Samuel was young and hadn’t yet learned to hear from God, yet he had ears to her! He was sensitive to the spirit. 

What was the result of Samuel hearing God? (vs 19-21).

There are 4 blessings as we hear from God that you can discover from verses 19 to 21.

1. Growth – Spiritual growth and understanding in the things of God.

2. Anointing – Samuel was recognized and anointed to become the prophet. You will also discover what is the Lord anointing you to do.

3. Ministry established – Hearing from God will established the works of your hands. 

4. God’s Presence and His Word continue to flow with you.

Hearing from God needs to be learned and cultivated and it will enrich your prayer life and your walk with Him. Let us learn this together.

Ps Lawrence.