Senior Pastor’s Devotional
Day 14 Movement Restriction Order – “Strategic Psalm 91 Watch”

Matthew 6:9-13

“The Lord’s Prayer.”

“Our Father who is in heaven…”

As you reflect back to the time when you were a non-believer, what kind of a ‘relationship’ you had with your god? What was “God” to you during those times?

Most of us will have no relationship with our gods except for looking to him for blessings and protection. We look to our gods then as someone high above and we did not know how he was like except through whatever that comes through our imaginations.

Now that we have this privilege by virtue of what Jesus had done – we are blessed as the children of the Most High – let us appreciate and draw near with confidence.

Certain people may struggle or find it hard to comprehend or appreciate the term, “our heavenly Father” because they may not have a good earthly father to reflect on. Can this be true?

It can be true and as a result, they will have difficulty relating to God as the good heavenly Father. This is where we need to release our past and to know our God as the heavenly Father who is different from our earthly Father.

With this truth, we therefore,
*pray out of a relationship and not out of ritual.
*Because of this relationship -We pray not only during set times but anytime.

“Hallowed be your name.”

The term ‘hallowed’ in the dictionary means, “worthy of reverence” or
“honor as holy.”

We come to Him in ‘reverence’- giving Him our utmost respect; praises,
honor and worship. We come to Him not just to ASK, but to honor HIM first
with our lips in praise and worship.

This is important because we don’t treat God as just someone who is here
to serve us – like Santa Claus distributing presents.

We hallow his name with worship enthroning Jesus as King and
thus removing idols in our lives.

We hallow his name in worship and worship changes the atmosphere,
removing fears, doubts.

We hallow his name in worship as worship is like a weapon where victories
come. Read 2 Chron. 20 and Acts 16:16

“Our Father who is in heaven – hallowed be your name!”

Ps Lawrence Yap.