Senior Pastor’s Devotional
28 July 2020 | Recovery Movement Control Order – “Strategic Psalm 91 Watch”

“Don’t store up treasures here on earth…Store them in heaven where they will never lose their value.”
Matthew 6:19-20

According to a legend, it was reputed that a very wise old man who lived on a hilltop overlooking the beautiful city of Venice, Italy, could answer any question anyone might ask him. Two local boys figured they could trick him, so they caught a bird and took it to the wise man

“Tell us,” they asked, “is the bird in our hand dead or alive?”

The wise man replied, “Son, if I say the bird is alive, you will close your hands and crush it to death. Or, if I say the bird is dead, you will open your hands and it will fly away. The answer is in your hands.”

This is true with life too. Whether we succeed or fail, live a meaningful life or wasteful life; lay up treasures in heaven or go empty handed to meet our Lord and Saviour, it’s all in our hands!

God asked Moses what was in his hand. (Exodus 4:2) As Moses surrendered it to the Lord, the simple shepherd’s staff became an instrument of the Lord’s power. The same goes with the young boy with the two fishes and five loaves that the Lord used to perform the miracle of the feeding of the five thousand.

So – what you will do with your life, your time and your talents are all within your hands but be reminded that when you learn to place it into HIS hands, the Lord will work a miracle out of it to bless you and others for His glory!

Pr Lawrence Yap.