Senior Pastor’s Devotional
Day 25 Movement Control Order – “Strategic Psalm 91 Watch”

I feel the Lord is saying that many have received the breakthroughs the past few weeks when you came seeking Him. You came seeking Him in your needs and slowly you are experiencing loving Him. As the love of Abba Father comes upon you, you will now delight in His presence. Keep pressing in for there are deeper things that you will learn and experience.

2 words was also in my sensing. “More” and “Less”. Some of you will be experiencing ‘more’ in the material blessings and it is because you have learn to use it for His Kingdom. Some of you could be ‘less’ but that ‘less’ is measured in terms of the physical and material but actually ‘less is more’ – because even though you may see it as if it is ‘less’ it is because you are measuring it from the material but it is ‘more’ if you measure it in terms of the spiritual enrichment that you will be receiving – peace and contentment that you didn’t have before; time that you will have, to draw near to His presence and your family – all these are blessings forgotten. So don’t compare and don’t measure things from the outward alone.

There is also a burden to pray for many brothers and sisters who despite the shaking are still not shaken up yet. Like Lot’s wife, they are still looking at Sodom and Gomorrah and not letting go of the world. It is time that they need to awaken lest their faith will be lost in the time to come. Pray that they will heed the voice of the Spirit and start getting serious with God and move to seek Him.

The Lord’s Prayer.

Matt.6:13 – For yours is the kingdom, the glory and the power forever and ever. Amen!

This last line of prayer remind us that, “It’s not about us it’s about God.” The doxology focuses our attention away from ourselves and on God. We behold the glory and majesty of God as we end the Lord’s Prayer and step out to face the challenges of life.

Whenever momentous events were on the horizon and the faith of disciples would be challenged, God gave the people of God a glimpse of God’s power and might.

*Shortly after Jesus predicted his death to his disciples, he took Peter, James and John up to a mountaintop and was transfigured before them. These three disciples, who would become the core of the early church, beheld God’s power and majesty.
*After dark Calvary – the resurrection of Jesus Christ is the ultimate demonstration of God’s glory and majesty. The resurrection has been a source of hope for millions and millions of Christians. “Because he lives, I can face tomorrow.”
*After the ascension of Jesus, the disciples were looking for directions. 50 days later when the day of Pentecost came – they experienced the power of the Holy Spirit the church simply exploded!


We end this prayer with the word, “Amen.” Martin Luther writes, in his explanation to the Lord’s Prayer, that “Amen” means, “Yes, yes, it will be done.”

We pray the Lord’s Prayer with the assurance that God will answer us. When we end this prayer we are not asking ourselves questions such as, “I wonder if I prayed for what God wanted me to pray for?” “I wonder if God really heard me?” “I wonder if God will answer my prayer?”

“Amen.” God will answer our prayer. God will answer not because of who we are, but because of who God is.

Ps Lawrence.