Senior Pastor’s Devotional
Day 64 Movement Control Order – “Strategic Psalm 91 Watch”

“Jesus said, It is the thought life that pollutes…and makes you unfit for God.”
Mark 7:20-23 LB.

A six year old boy named Titus complained to his mother of a tummy ache. ‘That is because your stomach’s empty’, said his mother. “You would feel better if you had something in it instead of skipping lunch.” Next day, a teacher happened to mention that he had a bad headache. “That’s because it is empty” Titus blurted out. “You will feel better if you had something in it.”

What occupies your mind? Is it the cares of the world? Probably, it may be the effects of the current pandemic; burdens of work, health issues or family matters. 

All these are fine, unavoidable and it is part and parcel of life but what is important is what controls our mind the major part of the day?  The things of our world and surroundings can produce a lot of uncertainties, restlessness and carnality and subsequently void of God’s peace and joy. It is so easy to have the mind polluted and makes us unfit for vital, effective service and living! 

What we should do is to find time to REFRESH, RENEW and REPLENISH our mind with the right thoughts. We do so by our devotional and inspirational readings, listening to the Word being preached. Serious believers of the Lord must not compromise such disciplines.

When a believer compromise with such spiritual disciplines, a few things will potentially happen:-
• Our plans will supersede God’s plans.
• We will have a lot of “good ideas” instead of “God’s ideas”
• We will go wayward and walk our own journey.
• You may still “have God” but does “God still have you?”
• We will be living by our flesh rather than walking in step with the Spirit.

Scary isn’t it? However, when these are done, God’s truth fortifies a person’s life and give them the strength and the victory to stand strong. It saves you from some unnecessary ‘headaches’ especially when it is filled with wrong thoughts. 

“…whatever is pure, whatever is lovely…think of these things.” Why not invest your time on the above prescription? It will be good for you…guaranteed!

Pastor Lawrence Yap.