Senior Pastor’s Devotional
20 July 2020 | Recovery Movement Control Order – “Strategic Psalm 91 Watch”

“But Paul shouted to him, Stop! Don’t kill yourself! We are all here!”
Acts 16:28.

Last week I was preaching from this passage and highlighted how this incident was a miracle – not only for Paul and Silas but also for the jailer and his family.

When the earthquake caused the prison to be shaken and the prison doors flung open, Paul and Silas could have just escaped from prison. They did not but stayed instead. One of the reason could be that they knew their rights as Roman Citizens and the city officials owed them an apology for the beating and the imprisonment. (Refer to Acts 16:35-37) But the other reason, I believe is that they stayed because they felt they have an uncompleted mission.

It was because that they stayed in the prison cell that they were able to lead the jailer and the entire household to believe in Jesus and even was water baptized that very day!

As we reflect on this, has there been occasions when we opted out of a situation too fast and thus missed a blessing or a golden opportunity? Perhaps a business or a job that was tough or even a relationship which was difficult. This is where the fruit of the spirit – ‘patience’ will be needed.

As we are living in an age of “instant” things – “there is a necessity to cultivate the virtue of patience and waiting upon God before we take the leap – so that we will not miss a very important step which may be the miracle for the breakthrough!”

Feel like giving up? Tarry upon Him and let Him lead you to make the right move!

Ps Lawrence Yap.