New Hope Centre
by New Hope Centre

Sunday Service Attendance on Average (January to March 15th) 
Chinese Sunday Service – 54 people 
English Sunday Service – 8 people 
Children Church – 6 people 
Secondary School Students Group (once a month) – 7 people

Tuesday Prayer Meeting, 8.30PM – 9.45PM – 10 people 
Biweekly Elder Folks Service 10AM – 12PM – 12 people 

Online Services on Sunday 10AM (April 26th to August 9th) 
Tuesday Night Prayer Meeting and 3 cell groups are gathering online 

Beginning July, stopped renting No. 15, 1st floor and only using No. 17, 1st floor for services. 2 services are conducted as follows:  

1st Service: 8.30AM – 10AM (Cantonese) 
Average Attendance – 22 people 

2nd Service: 10.45AM – 12.30PM (English & Chinese/Bilingual) 
Average Attendance – 18 people 

25 senior citizens aged 70 and above were not encouraged to attend services. Pr. Michelle and I visited them once a month to lead them into Holy Communion. 

Children aged 12 and below were not encouraged to attend Children Church, (10 children are affected). 

During this season, we led an old couple to Christ and helped them remove their household idols on July 26th. 

Thank you Rev. Lawrence Yap and board members of our mother church, Charis Christian Centre for supporting New Hope Centre financially and in prayer. Praise the Lord for His empowerment and the anointing of the Holy Spirit to expand the ministry. To God be the glory!