Report from Thailand
by Pastor Steve Kok

Thank you Charis family for being part of our mission journey.  Covid-19 pandemic did not stop us from fulfilling God’s mission and recognizing His mighty plan ahead of us … Matthew 5:16. 

In August 2019, my wife, Jenny Ruth was diagnosed with Moyamoya disease and underwent the bypass brain surgery. She was interviewed by the Thailand Bible Society and her powerful testimony spread around Thailand. 

Before Covid-19, we assisted a local Thai to start a church in Saraburi and the congregation has grown to 28 people. 

During the pandemic, we started the weekly Online Service via Zoom known as Grace Fellowship to encourage the friends. We also conducted Passover, Pentecost and Trumpets Services. Everyone had a great experience learning the feasts of God. 

We received an amazing news that our Seedlings of Hope Foundation is approved by the Thailand Ministry of Interior on July 2020. It took one year to be reviewed by the government.  

Finally, the Y’s Men Service of Bangkok (YMCA) members have elected and appointed me to become their Director of Christian Emphasis last February 2020 for a 2-year term.  

Glory to the Lord!