Charis Christian Centre / The Spirit of the Lord is on us.

A Heart For God & A Hand For Man

CHARIS CHRISTIAN CENTRE is committed to God’s call and believes that the Spirit of the Lord is on us, because He has anointed us to preach good news to the poor.

We're open from Monday till Sunday

Our Wide range of Ministries


We are an exciting church located at the heart of Cheras district in Taman Billion, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Our services cater for a wholesome group of people inclusive of children, youths, young adults and families.

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1. Children Ministry – Charis Kids
2. Youth Ministry – Youth / Teen Force
3. Worship Ministry
4. Counselling – General & Pre-Marital Counselling
5. Publicity & Communications
6. Missions – Home / Oversease & Next Gen Missions
7. Social Concern – Charis-NKF Dialysis Centre, Rumah Sayangan, Kid’s Kingdom, Free Medical Clinic, SAFE, Charis Golden Years & Community Welfare

Children’s Church / Charis Kids

Children Ministry

At Charis Kids, we purpose to partner with families in raising and discipling children in the way of Jesus Christ; to sow the seeds that would release them to their full God-given potential in the areas of praise and worship, prayer, and missions as they grow within the church.

Our aim is to provide a vibrant, creative and fun environment for children to discover who God is, and a safe place for them to respond and be nurtured in their faith-forming years. So come join us!

Charis Kids旨在与家庭合作,以耶稣基督的方式来培养和训练孩童。透过撒下的种子,在敬拜与赞美、祷告和使命中释放神所赐予他们的潜能。


Charis Kids

For children around the age of 3-12

Saturdays – 5:00PM – 6:45PM
Sundays – 11.00PM – 12.45PM (except first Sundays of the month)

Charis Kingdom Kids 恩典国度之子(Chinese):

For children around the age of 3-12

Sundays – 8.30AM – 10.15AM
星期日 @ 8点30分 至 10点15分

Youth Ministry 青年事工

In Youth Ministry, we give youths and young working adults a sense of belonging in Christ. Through this, they will develop friendships, have fun, discover their gifts and focus on the way of Jesus.

我们的青少年事工(TeenForce)致力于培养一班 “FUN” 转这世代,生命有影响力的年青人。透过一系列的节目包括敬拜赞美、课程分享、破冰游戏、户外活动、祷告会、灵修班、生日派对等, 让他们不只能拓展朋友圈,一起欢乐,同时也能发掘他们的恩赐,在信仰的道上更专注于神。

Youth Force

For Youth around the age of 13-17

Sundays 1:30PM – 3:30PM (except first Sundays of the month)

Teen Force (Chinese)

Saturdays 5:00PM – 7:00PM
星期六 @ 5 点到7 点

Community of worshippers seeking to glorify God

Worship Ministry

Here at Charis, we believe that worship is an integral part of every Christian’s daily walk. As a church, we are a community of worshippers seeking to glorify God: To exalt Him with a bold, loving expression, partnering with the Holy Spirit to reveal Christ in our pursuit of building the Church through intimate worship.


General & Pre-Marital Counselling


We provide biblical based, clinically sound counselling by our trained counsellors to individuals, couples and families. We are prepared to give support and encouragement to anyone who walks in the door.

Our services include:
– Pre-marital Counselling
– Post-marital Counseling
– Marriage & Family Counselling
– Children and Teenage Counselling

Our team is dedicated to help you.


– 婚前辅导
– 婚后辅导
– 婚姻与家庭辅导
– 儿童与青少年辅导


Pre-Marital Counselling

Sign-up for our Marriage Preparation Course.

You may also download the T&C here.

Making the church’s direction public

Publicity and Communication

PAC (Publicity And Communication) is a team where we make awareness of the church’s direction and disseminate information. We are made up with a team of people who has the passion to spread awareness and input ideas to create publicity works through a communicative platform. We seek to empower the future generation to serve.

Our Team consists of scriptwriters, copy writers, editors, graphic designers, translators, photographers, videographers, social media administrators and campaign runners.

PAC (宣传与通讯) 是一个传递教会方向和信息的团队。我们是由一群热衷于透过通讯平台向人传播真理和宣传教会活动的成员组成。我们盼望能兴起下一代来服事。


Evangelism, social action and church planting


Charis Missions is committed to the Great Commission where we maximize our God-given resources to fulfill the biblical mandate through evangelism, social action and church planting within Malaysia and other parts of Asia. Join us as we approach Missions in 3 Strategic Directions!

Home Missions aim to reach the Internationals and Indigenous people groups in Malaysia.

Overseas Missions aim to reach out to people in Asia who have yet to hear the Gospel.

Next Gen Missions reach out to the younger generation.

Charis Missions充分运用神所赐的资源,透过传扬福音、关怀社区、以及在全马和亚洲各地植堂以履行圣经的命令。



Building bridges to the masses

Social Concern

The Church of today must be sent and to be experienced as a relevant divine institution where the love of God is made real and tangible through the various social concern ministries that we can initiate to bring healing to the hurts of mankind. The Church must never become inward looking and contented and unknowingly become an elite group, planning various activities and events for our members alone.

In reaching out in care and concern to others, we must be aware that evangelism, missions and discipleship are also accomplished. Thus, it is not just doing “good works” for the sake of doing but instead, it builds bridges to the masses out there.

As a believer, we are not merely a church attendee or a spectator but we likewise have a conviction to become an extension of God’s love to others.

Let us be proactive in fulfilling the Great Commission as well as the Great Commandment.

Our social concern ministry includes:

  • Charis-NKF Dialysis Centre – Provides affordable dialysis treatments to the needy.
  • Rumah Sayangan – Home for neglected and abused children.
  • Kid’s Kingdom – Avenue for needy children to obtain free English lessons.
  • Free Medical Clinic – Free healthcare services for the lower income group.
  • SAFE – Bringing salvation, freedom and empowerment to marginalised women.
  • Charis Golden Years – A platform for senior citizens to connect with one another.
  • Community Welfare – Offering assistance to families in crisis.






  • 恩典国家洗肾中心 – 提供肾病者廉宜的洗肾费用
  • 爱心之家 – 收养受虐和无人照管的孩童
  • 儿童王国 – 为有需要的孩童提供免费的英语课程
  • Bukit Cheras诊所 – 为低收入群体提供免费医疗服务
  • SAFE妇女事工 – 为边缘化的女性带来救恩、自由和增权益能
  • 恩典乐龄事工 – 让乐龄人士联谊的一个平台
  • 社区福利 – 为正面对危机的家庭提供援助

“For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”

– Matthew 18:20


52-62 Jalan Siput Akek
Taman Billion Cheras
56000 Kuala Lumpur

+603 9130 3687