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25 December 2023

The Hope of Christmas 圣诞的盼望



Open space car park beside ICC PUDU 户外停车场, ICC PUDU隔壁

• RM 5 per entry. 入场收费RM 5。


• Parking will be at Level 3, 4 and 5. 停车场位于第3,4和5楼。

• Validation of the parking ticket is available and is set to RM5 per entry. 停车票可用,入场费 RM5。

• There will be an attendant at the ticket booth from 10am-12pm to help validate your  ticket. A stamp with the word ‘DISCOUNT’ at the back of the ticket is proof of the  ticket validation. 在早上10点至中午12点将会有柜台服务员为您盖上 ‘DISCOUNT (折扣) ’ 的 盖章在停车票上为已批准。

• If there isn’t an attendant, you can validate your parking ticket at the Parking  Management Office at Level 2. 若没有服务员,您可以到第二楼的管理部门的办公室处理。

• There is NO validation for Touch N’ Go. We would like to recommend for you to take  the parking ticket instead. 若您使用Touch N’ Go入场,将无法获得折扣。我们建议您索取停车票。

• Touch N’ Go rates are RM3 for the first 2 hours, and subsequently RM 2 per hour  with NO maximum limit. Touch N’ Go收费是RM 3 (2个小时内), 每增加一个小时加收 RM 2 (没有时间限制)。


• Public Holiday Flat rate – RM 5 per entry. 公共假期统一收费RM 5。