Dear Missions Partners,

Greetings in the most adored deity of the Lord of the harvest, Jesus Christ. Hope everything at your end is going well. As for me, I am doing well by the grace of God.
Time flies so quickly. Almost half of the year 2022 is over and as of this writing there are only 23 active covid patients here in Cambodia. So things are going back to normal here.
The work of the Lord here in Cambodia continues and expands because of your faithful partnership with me in prayer and giving.


Cambodia School of Mission (CSM)

CSM is having face to face classes since January after 10 months of classes via zoom meeting. I am grateful to God that 5 of our graduates/students were interviewed by the
Executive presbytery of Assemblies of God of Cambodia as a requirement in their application for credential as Licensed Pastors of AGC.

Last February, I taught the first course in CSM Extension in Mondulkiri Province where 20 students – church planters and church leaders were enrolled.
Most of the students are planting churches among the tribal groups in Mondulkiri Province. The next module in Mondulkiri Extension class is in the second week of June.
I will be visiting Oudom Menchay after graduation ceremony in June 4 to explore the possibility of starting another Extension school there in coordination with Ps. Chimm Daly, a graduate of CSM.

Prayer Requests

  1. There are 9 students who will graduate this coming June 4. Pray that these graduates would continue to serve the Lord faithfully despite of the challenges they will face in their personal lives and ministry.
  2. The church where we are holding our Extension class in Mondulkiri is put on sale by their denominational leader (it’s not under the AOG) with the disapproval of the Pastor and church members.
    If the selling of that church succeeds, then we won’t have a free venue for our Extension class and the church would not have a place to gather and worship too.
    Pray for God’s intervention in this conflict.
  3. Pray for opening door in Oudom Menchay for another CSM Extension class there. 


Dorm Ministry

Despite of the lockdown last year, the Dorm ministry continues. Almost half of the number of students remain at the Dorm because they are working and studying at the same time.
All the students are now backed at the Dorm because all schools have opened since January. There are 8 new students, 4 males and 4 females added to the 16 resident students.
Discipling them is now a challenge because we have non-believers, sympathizers and committed believers of Jesus Christ now in the Dorm.
The owner of the Dorm allowed us to use two more floors with a minimal price so we can accept more students to be discipled through this ministry.

Prayer Items

1. Pray for the salvation of the new students residing at the Dorm.

2.That the faith of those new believers residing at the Dorm will be rooted in His Word.

3. For the students who graduated and left the Dorm would continue in their faith on Jesus Christ even they are not resident at the Dorm anymore.

4. Provision for the monthly rental.


Lighthouse Shining Stars

 Thank God that our classes go on smoothly since it’s re-opening in November last year. Our enrollment is picking up though we haven’t reached yet the number of students
we used to have before the pandemic.  God is so good that even we have lesser number of students than before, but we can manage to pay the salaries of our teachers and staff
and the monthly rental in full amount. 

    I had a meeting with the parents of our students and I am glad that 70% of them attended the meeting. I had the opportunity to know them and establish a relationship with them.
I invited them to the Married Couples Fellowship in the church and 12 couples attended it. Praise the Lord. 

 Prayer Items

  1. That we’ll have an increase in the number of students just like the number of students we had before the pandemic.
  2. Salvation of the parents and kids as we evangelize them.
    3. Wisdom and strength for teachers and Admin Committee. 

Lighthouse Christian Assembly- English Church 

Thank God that more and more members of the church prefers to attend the face to face to worship service rather than joining us through Zoom
since we were allowed to gather together again last November.  We have few new people attending our church now from 3 countries, one family from Brazil, two ladies from Northern India
and a Vietnamese who was born in Cambodia. 

    Last Sunday, the Married Couples Fellowship honored the mothers in a boat trip along the Tonlee Sap for two hours. They were joined by couples from Shining Stars.
The  children gave them a card which they made for their respective mothers and the husbands honors their respective wife with a rose.
The couples from Shining Stars were so blessed and thankful to be invited in this kind of meeting.

Prayer Items

  1. May the members of the church be zealous in evangelizing their friends at school or place of work. 
  2. May the Married Couples continue to follow-up the parents of our pre-school kids who attended the Boat trip last Sunday afternoon. 
  3. The church will conduct a one day mission in Ang Snoul in cooperation with Pastor Rathana, a CSM student who is planting a church there on May 14.
    May the proclamation of the Gospel in that place would result to salvation of souls.   

Matt 9:37-38… “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. 38 Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.”