Breakthrough Worship Community Church
2023 Report

In 2022, we transition from combined online service to the new norm of social distance Sunday service. As the church we open, the weekly church attendance from January to December increased from 107 to 143 people on average.

While on-site meetings resume, technology brought us even closer. Every Monday to Saturday, we had Morning Devotion via Zoom as early as 5:30 a.m. BWCC DCC members from all branches gathered virtually to start their day with prayer and the Word of God.

We also had Cool Service where we talked about cool topics and new cool things with cool pits. This online service reaches out to young people, mainly college students including young adults.

The church continued to reach out to more people through the mission trip to Kanowit in September by Pastor Perry and the BWCC Miri team. During this trip, 9 were baptized and 4 new people accepted Christ altogether throughout the year 2022, 40 new people accepted Jesus as their Savior, and 62 people were baptized.

Other highlights of 2022 include the participation of the BWCC KK worship team for the AG Conference in Tawau, Sabah, and the Malaysian Gospel Music Festival on 12 November, in which the BWCC Worship Team performed the song Honest Heart.

As the church continues to break through. We are actively growing with 39 more newcomers in the first quarter of 2023 and 12 more were baptized. Recently, BWCC DCC Leaders Retreat was held in Sarawak and leaders of all church branches gather in 1ACS, Kuching from the 12 to 14 of May. On the last day of the camp, we are delighted to announce the soft launching of BWCC DCC newest branch, Kuching led by Pastor Daniel and the team.


Now we are one step closer to the mission of 50 Church Planting in ten years, including setting up a training center in Kanowit. In line with this year’s theme, ABLAZE, BWCC DCC will continue to equip and spread out like fire this 2023.