Project Ablaze 

The whole church bringing the whole Gospel to the whole world is the vision and heart of Project Ablaze fellowship.

We seek to create awareness among believers and church leaders about the current state of the world, where 4.78 billion people are considered unreached.
They have little to no access to the Gospel, with no witnesses among them.

In the Philippines, we work with ministerial fellowships and churches to conduct awareness seminars, workshops, and coach believers to find their roles and take part in discipling the nations. We also heavily use social media platforms to mobilize.

Not many believers have the desire for missions or actively seek means to disciple the nations. Sadly, it can be a lonely journey for those who have a passion for the Great Commission. At Project Ablaze, we have a biweekly missions-focused devotion, a community of missional believers coming together to encourage and pray for each other. Join us if you have a heart for the Unreached!

Today, media and technology can play a huge role in accelerating and increasing ministry effectiveness.

 During a visit to a Middle Eastern people group, they expressed a desire to use videos on social media platforms to lead people to faith.
However, they have no knowledge nor skills to produce videos. They went on Instagram live to talk about Isa Almasih and led 15 individuals to have an interest in
joining a Bible study! Imagine the impact if they are further equipped and trained to produce videos!

I will be heading to the Middle East to train these workers and various other workers/leaders in Southeast Asian countries from 2023 to early 2024. A considerable amount of finance is needed to see these trainings become a reality.

In order to impact the nations effectively, I believe we need to equip locals in reaching their own. Prayerfully consider partnering in financing these training and equipping trips.

In the past months, I have also been appointed to various international leadership roles with a focus on media trainings, media consultation, and fostering collaborations among workers. These appointments provide me a platform for ministry expansion in the nations, but also mean I will need a stronger finance support base.

Not all of us will go to the nations, but we have a responsibility to obey His word – making disciples of all nations; may it be praying or giving.

You can play a role too. Get in touch with me, partner with me financially as we disciple the nations for Christ.

For a free missions consultation, drop me a message at

Ministry needs/prayers 2023-2024

(For more details, get in touch with me):

  • I was recently appointed as the Managing Director for Global Creatives Collective, a community of missions media practitioners. I am also starting my role in Eurasia Media Distribution Consultation (EMDC) as a leader of the film/videographer group. Pray for wisdom as I work with the board to strategize, plan, and lead this fellowship forward. Pray too for His leading as I work with my colleagues in EMDC in leading the group.
  • Finance for media training trips to 6 nations, to equip nationals in using media in ministry, with a total cost of all trips estimated at about RM 25,000. Pray too for wisdom as I work to contextualize these media trainings for the nationals and also as I provide media consultation to the leaders.
  • Finance for media production equipment and traveling editing laptop, estimated at RM 13,000. Pray as I seek to learn and find ways to use AI tools to accelerate the media production process.