One Another
Session : Encouragement & Edifications of One Another

by Pastor Carmen

1 Thessalonians 5:11 [AFV]
Therefore, encourage one another, and edify one another, even as you are already doing.

The root word for ‘encourage’ in Greek means to ask or plead, to comfort, to exhort, to console, to cheer on or cheer up. The root word for ‘edify’ in Greek means to build up, to strengthen, to establish, to advance.

The goal of “Encouragement & Edification of One Another” is to strengthen the Body of Christ in faith and towards good works.

The stories are mainly taken from Act 9-15 and 2 Timothy which talks about the encouraging mentor in Barnabas to Paul, and in turn, the edifying mentor in Paul to Timothy – the “sandwich fellowships”.

  1. One of the encouragements and edifications displayed was the power of BELIEVING in another person.PAUL – No one believed that he had changed from being a persecutor to a proclaimer of Christ. But Barnabas believed in him, vouched, and spoke up for him. Barnabas validated Paul.

    Paul, in turn believed in Timothy.

  2.  TIMOTHY may not have seemed to possess the qualities for the Apostolic succession outwardly. But Paul believed in him and made it certain that Timothy and the people knew it. Paul validated Timothy.

The virtues of encouragement and edification are vital in the fabric of our relationships.

In conclusion to this One Another series, let us collectively bear the image of God well, by ‘one anothering one another in Love, in Unity, and through Encouragement and Edification.