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22 February 2020

Worship Audition

23 February 2020

Bible & End of Times

16 February 2020

Charis Fellowship

29 February &1 March 2020

16 February 2020

Bible & End of Times

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Bible & End of Times

Have you ever wondered what will happen when Jesus returns the second time? 

Some of us may try very hard to understand the book of Revelation that mentions a new heaven and new earth. While others maybe puzzled with the term great tribulation and rapture. 

Date: 16 February 2020
Time: 2.00pm – 4.00pm
Venue: First Floor Sanctuary @ Charis Christian Centre

Course Fee: RM10
Closing Date: 9 February 2020 (Sunday)

Course Descriptions:
The course covers the doctrine of last things, death and resurrection, the second coming of Jesus Christ, the rapture of believers, the great tribulation, the Millennium, the final judgement, heaven and hell. The course will also survey the various perspectives on the end times events. 

Course Objectives:
By the end of the course, the student should be able to:
– Identify the major positions concerning end times events.
– Understand the impact of eschatology on the personal life of the believer and on the Church. 

Course Outline:
Session 1
– Why Study Eschatology?
– Death and Individual Eschatology
– Physical, Spiritual and Eternal Death
– Paradise

Session 2 & 3
– Second Coming and Its Consequences
– When and How
– Resurrection
– Final Judgement

Session 4
– The Great Tribulation and The Millennium
– The Different Views on Millennium
– The Different Views on the Great Tribulations
– Biblical Prophecies

Session 5
– The Final Destinations
– The New Heavens and New Earth
– Lake of Fire

Speaker: Rev. Dr. Victor Lee
Rev. Dr. Victor Lee is the President of Bible College Malaysia and an EXCO member of the Assemblies of God of Malaysia. He is a dedicated and passionate Bible teacher. He holds a PhD in Divinity from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland.