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What American Idol Taught Me About Singing In Church

But I am reminded that when it comes to worshipping the King of Kings, it’ll be good if we came to the altar like those people auditioning for American Idol – with determination, focus and conviction.

Mindful Morsels – Getting Unwrapped

Everyone appreciates a thoughtfully wrapped gift. One cannot deny that receiving a gift done up beautifully, complete with ribbons and card, serves to arouse delightful anticipation for the gift that lies within.

Mindful Morsels – Negaraku

We must continue praying for Malaysia and her leaders. Malaysia today is like a newborn. Do not make the mistake of falling into complacency for we do not wish to be like the Israelites that spent 40 years wandering in wilderness after being set free from Egypt.

Mindful Morsels #2 – Birthday Letter

I wrote this poem – my birthday letter to Him. It’s a simple reflection of the various stages of my life where His promises have been proven true and real. I am utterly grateful that I have a faithful God who loves me so.


Audacious Faith. Authentic Love

The New Year will be filled with situations and challenges that will require us to learn to ‘walk on water’ or to exercise our faith and trust in our Lord.

Trusting God in Every Situation

After the production, business deals came pouring in. It was only then that I realised how much God watches over me. My business started to do well and because of that, I was asked to become a speaker in my workplace.

“For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”

- Matthew 18:20