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Last year, both the English and Chinese congregation came together to stage a musical production named Emmy – inspired by the true story of one of our members. I would like to share on the production journey, and how God had blessed me for simply saying yes.  

I was first approached by the Shirley Liang and Lisa Ping, to take on the role of director. The idea was already two years in the making, but because I was getting ready to get married, I initially couldn’t get involved. Fast forward two years, the project was finally taking place, and I was tasked to do it again.

To be honest, there was a small of me that was reluctant about taking up the role. As a newly married man, there were a lot of things to take into consideration, such as work, family commitments and even the eventuality of starting a family. I told them that I needed to sit down and talk to my wife about it, as it wasn’t a decision that I could make alone.

But another part of it was also because I didn’t know anything about directing a play. I was told that I would get a partner-in-crime, in the form of my co-director David Soo. Thankfully, David has some experience in this area as he once helped to direct a play at his university. They wanted me to join because I had some ideas, and I thanked God that people actually noticed that about me.

After With full support of my wife, I decided to jump in. It was not an easy decision. My work in insurance and financial planning was going through a rough patch. I was consistently meeting clients, but for a period I couldn’t seem to close any new deals. With the new commitments that came with marriage – a house loans, repayments for the wedding, etc. It was a lot to juggle.

The eight months of production was also a challenging process. Being the “young” guy in-charged, and also coupled with the dynamics of an entirely new team that have not worked together before, there were a fair share of adjustments and struggles.

With that, my business not performing well, and my wife and I trying to adjust to married life, things started taking a toll on me and I started to doubt God. But I just prayed a lot during this period of time, trusting that He was watching over my needs. Somehow, even though I felt I couldn’t get a clear direction from God, I was able to make it to the finish line, and the whole production went well.

After the production, business deals came pouring in. It was only then that I realised how much God watches over me. My business started to do well and because of that, I was asked to become a speaker in my workplace. Before venturing into my own business, I once told God that I wanted to be a spokesperson where I could inspire and influence people. It was a prayer that I made long ago. Meanwhile, He had also been blessing me in other ways such as my relationship with my wife, friends and family.

Looking back, being stretched in these situations really strengthened my faith. I believe that God is moulding me like a wall, by breaking and patching until the wall becomes stronger. I thank God for the opportunity to learn so much in just one production.  


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