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I have never been so emotionally engaged over my country Malaysia as I was these past few days. Never as anxious or as proud either. It has been more exhilarating and exciting than a Hollywood blockbuster, with thrilling

I woke up on the morning of my birthday recently, enjoying the quietness in the house. I felt the urge to spend time in God’s presence, a call to His fellowship.

Discipleship is a lifelong learning process. It is never a curriculum or just a syllabus like in an academic program. If we are honest, many Christians find it a chore to attend discipleship programs.

American Idol: reality-television singing competition. The first and only time I followed the series was in its 3rd season, and about the same time I gathered enough courage to join the worship team in church. Apart from Fantasia Barrino winning that season’s series hands down, there was also a certain William “She-Bangs” Hung that made it memorable, if for the wrong reasons.

The carols have long quietened down. Even the CNY feasting has come to an end. It’s back to our routines. There’s something about festivities that sings to the heart. But personally, my favourite is still Christmas (just another 10 months away).

Last year, both the English and Chinese congregation came together to stage a musical production named Emmy – inspired by the true story of one of our members. I would like to share on the production journey, and how God had blessed me for simply saying yes.  

Faith and Love. These were the two words that filled my heart as we were praying and planning for 2018.

I bumped into an old friend the other day, and the first thing he asked was if I had picked up my guitar recently. What he was actually asking was if I’d written any songs. Back in the day we used to jam and write songs for fun, perform them at gigs and the like. This was long before either of us had a pair of kids. How I long to get back to those “good old days.”

It certainly feels like twelve months flew by so quickly this past year, and now we’re in 2018. As a teacher to a bunch of vibrant kids, I sometimes feel like a busy ‘mom’ who has to run various errands, manage affairs of the household and at the same time care for her kids and deal with their daily antics. (If you’re a mom and you’re reading this, I applaud you because you truly deserve all the praise and recognition for all that you do!)


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