An outreach to female sex workers, female drug dependants and women in crisis.

Meaning: Save. Free. Empower.

Save (salvation)

In Greek, this word communicates the fullness of it’s meaning ie.     
- to deliver           
- to protect           
- to heal           
- to preserve           
- to restore           
- to make whole


The essence of salvation is freedom. 
Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free. (John 8:32) 
The Greek word for ‘know’ means ‘to have an intimate and personal encounter with’.
‘Jesus’ and ‘the Word of God’ is truth (John 14:6 & 17:17)

Paraphrase:Then you will have an intimate and personal encounter with Jesus, and He/His Word will set you free.


He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. (Isaiah 40:29)



Envision women made whole, live an abundant life and flourish.



Journey with women in the vulnerable community, walking them out of the effects of poverty, promoting dignity and aiming to elevate their social status.

Person-centred care and support include aspects of - basic human needs
                                                                                   - emotional, psychological and spiritual needs
                                                                                   - life skills and education
                                                                                   - protection against violence and exploitation



[Sex Workers]
Prostitutes or sex workers suffer from sexually transmitted diseases, as well as many other related illnesses, depression, flashbacks, acute anxiety, insomnia and emotional numbing.  Self-coping means may include alcohol, drugs, mental breakdown, self-mutilation or suicide.

[Drug Dependants]
Drug addiction is a complex illness with physical and psychological symptoms.  Acute drug use is health threatening and can be life controlling.  It is usually through years of addiction and much pain before the addict resorts to volunteer herself for rehabilitation.

[Women In Crisis]
Women who are facing difficulties and in distress need a lot of emotional support as well as physical help to see them through their predicament.  At times, there may also be a need for a shelter, safe and secluded, that temporary removes them from the risk.



In line with Charis Christian Centre’s commitment of CALL in Luke 4:18-19, proclaim freedom to the prisoners and …to release the oppressed.., ie. these ‘oppressed and vulnerable’ group of women, SAFE partners and networks with other organizations to provide emergency relief and offer holistic opportunities for life transformation and social reintegration for those who seek to abandon their condition to start anew.

Objectives: Extend our hand of hope to sex workers and those who are at risk of commercial sexual exploitation. Offer moral support, counsel, self-help education and prevention, love without being prejudiced or judegemental.

[Community Home]
Objectives: Provide a safe haven, temporary shelter and community living for women in need. Focus group include women who are in the process of being reintegrated into society, who still require some form of guidance and support | women at risk of commercial sexual exploitation | women in crisis. 

[Train and Place - TAP]
Objectives: Network with government and other organizations to obtain tools of economic empowerment to facilitate job betterment, increase of household income, and to create holistic oppurtunities of healthy employment for those with defective livelihood; seeking to improve their quality of life. 



For God’s divine intervention and assistance.

Support financially – to meet practical needs in staffing, rental, utilities, outreach works, sponsor of the women. In kind – household provisions plus other commodities.

Partner with us in helping with administration, day/night sitting to relief staff, bible teaching, skills equipping (baking, sewing, etc), participate in the street outreaches, others.

Professional Services
Offer your expertise in various fields, ie. medical, dental, optical, legal, publishing, IT, events coordinating, publicity, others.

Recommend in-house work projects and/or employment for those who graduate from the course and programme.

For those who wants to contribute, please contact us.