Pre-marital Counseling Application Form


a. The couple must be born-again Christians who have undergone water baptism.

b. The couple must complete the required Marriage Preparation Course, which include the private counselling sessions.

c. Below are the fees charged for the entire course. This includes the cost of Couple Check-up Assessment.

1. Registered members of Charis - RM150.00

2. Attendees of Charis - RM180.00

3. Non-attendees of Charis - RM300.00

d. For marriage application done through the church’s assistant registrar (Pastor Lawrence Yap is one), a fee of RM100 will be charged. For outside people, meaning non-Charis attendees, a fee of RM200 will be charged.

e. The couple must not register with the Registrar of Marriage without prior arrangement with the Church. If so, satisfactory explanation must be given subjected to the church’s consideration. Further, those who have officially registered and have physically consummated the marriage will not have a Holy Matrimony wedding ceremony. An agreeable alternative will be discussed and worked out.

f. The couple must understand that any wedding date prior to a personal meeting with relevant church’s pastor are considered tentative and subject to the church’s agreement and confirmation.

g. The couple, preferably, will join a cell group weekly and a regular and consistent church attendance is compulsory. The cell leader and zone supervisor will also endorse the marriage recommendation. (Church pastor)

h. Punctuality is important but prior to unforeseen reasons, the counsellor must be notified if the couple is unable to make it for the appointment.

i. The couple must show seriousness and commitment in preparing for the marriage and not just the wedding, by adhering to and fulfilling necessary considerations during the course.

j. Strict confidence will be exercised throughout the counselling course

k. When full-time staffs are invited for the wedding dinner, please note that they will give a token ang pau.

l. The choice of the officiating minister will be decided by the Senior Pastor. The Senior Pastor will officiate the marriage ceremony, subject to his availability. In the event if a prior event crops up, he reserves the right to appoint one of the other pastors to officiate the marriage.

m. No sexual contact before marriage, and finally,

n. Pre-marital counselling may be stopped if rules are not adhered to.

Please keep this form for your own reference.

Effective 5 January 2016