Charis Counseling Centre

Life is full of questions, obstacles, unrealized dreams, disappointments and pain. Everyone faces a variety of pressure and problems in everyday living. Sometimes these problems can grow to a point where help becomes necessary. And for this reason, a counseling centre was established to help people in discovering and developing strategies that lead to solutions to their problems.

Charis Christian Centre Counseling Centre is a counseling ministry based and rooted in the principles and authority of the Bible. Its aim is to offer Christian based counseling that empowers growth within the individual; in his or her relationship with the family, friends and community and his or her relationship with God. Pastoral counseling services are available for both young and old at any stage of their lives e.g. youth, pre-marital, post-marital, grief, bereavement, etc.

The identity of clients and the information disclosed are held in the strictest of confidence. Confidentiality is maintained at all times so as to preserve a safe environment where the client can freely discuss his/her problems without fear of leakage of personal information.


Marriage Preparation Classes

For courting or engaged couples who want to develop strong foundation for lasting marriage. Couples wanting to get married need to attend this course at least 6 months ahead.

Please feel free to contact Sis Lucy at 03-9130 3687 for more details and registration for the classes.


In need of counseling or pastoral care?

Providing a listening ear, our trained counselors are here to give you the support and encouragement you need...
for couples, families and individuals alike.

Please feel free to contact Pr. Ann Ng, Pr. Lucy Tan or Pr David Lim at (603)-9130 3687 and they will arrange for the necessary assistance for you.