Hello my dear friends! We have embarked on a Love God focus for the first half of this year, in line with our Church theme derived from Luke 10:27- Love God, Love People. I believe that once our vertical relationship with God is aligned, our horizontal relationship with others will follow suit.

Mother Theresa once said, "If you judge others, you have no time to love them".

     The months to come, Charis Christian Centre will focus on loving people, where together, we will strive to make practical the command of Jesus Christ, moving from compassion to action. You may ask, "Who is my neighbour?" To put it simply, our neighbours are those we can share the love of Christ with- our family, our church community, life groups, friends, the community around us and broadly speaking, our nation.

Here’s what we’ll do! Our Love People Focus is made up of 3 components, namely Charis Bless, Charis Serve and Charis Fellowship. We’ll begin with Charis Bless, Charis Bless is an initiative on a personal level, where you are encouraged to bless 3 persons with acts of kindness.

It can be to a friend at the playground, someone in need at the bus stop, your colleague at work or even to your next-door neighbour. Each act will raise RM 1and the funds collected will be channeled to House of Joy and The Picha Project.

Once you have completed each act of blessing, you are to post on Facebook to testify of God's grace to release His blessings through us. This is to encourage and motivate us as a church to be a blessing wherever we are. So friends, let us arise to bless our neighbours so that they may see your good deeds and praise our Father in heaven. God bless you abundantly!


亲爱的朋友!在今年前半年教会推广了“爱神行动”,这行动是为了配合教会今年取自于路加福音10:27的主题 爱神 . 爱人。



     在来临的几个月,基督恩典中心将会专注于“爱人行动”,我们一起以行动来效法耶稣基督的命令,心动不如行动。你或许会问,“谁是我的邻舍?”简单来说,我们的邻舍就是我们可以向他分享基督的爱的人 我们的家人,社区关怀,小组成员,朋友,我们周围的社区,还有我们的国家。

教会将会以三个层次来进行“爱人行动”,名为‘Charis Bless’、‘Charis Serve’以及‘Charis Fellowship’。我们会从‘Charis Bless’开始,这是个人性的行动,教会鼓励弟兄姐妹用三个行动来祝福身边的人。这人可以是你在公园遇到的朋友、在巴士站见到有需要帮助的人、你的同事、又或是你的邻居。一个行动等于RM1,你们的每一个行动教会将会给出RM1,所筹到的款项会捐给喜乐之家和The Picha Project。



How? 如何?

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